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  Welcome in the webspace of "Bénédique PAUL Consulting Services "

We are Independent International Consultant

with special skills for your success

We are offering Expertise and High-Competences for : Project Assessment, Special Training, Socio-economic Engineering, and related agricultural and economic topics.

If you are looking for quality and succes, please contact us. We are committed to your own succes, by our strategies.


We are also pleased to reveal to you our most recent books, the great part of which concerns the Haitian Culture. For reading an excerpt and buy a copy, please clic on the frontpage picture below.

Here is the most recent book that you have to read, "Créole Haïtien, C'est Facile". It is a pocket size book for french-speaking people travelling to Haiti.

"Bible & Economics" is a unique book the religious-economy area. Clic on the following picture, to access to an abstract :

Acheter Bible et Economie

Haitianity, do you know about this concept ? - To know more on it, clic here :

Acheter L\'Haïtianité: Institutions et Identité

To know better on the sociocultural dilemma in Haiti, please read this book :

Acheter Le vaudou diabolisé en Haïti

 Bénédique PAUL Consulting Services,

Rés. Clairval, B2, Appt 240, 17 avenue de la Galine, 34170 Castelnau-le-lez, France

SIREN : 514 161 736 dispensé d’immatriculation en application de l’article L 123-1-1 du code de commerce.

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